Billy Hawkins


Formed in 1995, Fisherman’s Friends are a 10-strong singing group from Port Isaac in Cornwall, whose a cappella performances of sea shanties and nautical songs (some fairly lewd) have been entertaining locals and visitors alike for the past 15 years.

Comprising of John Brown, Julian Brown, Jeremy Brown (all brothers), Trevor Grills, John Lethbridge, Billy Hawkins, Nigel Sherratt, Peter Rowe, John McDonnell and Jon Cleave, the MC, all are linked to the sea, as either fishermen, coastguards or lifeboatmen. All grew up within half a mile of Port Isaac harbour except for Yorkshireman, John McDonnell.

A good friend of Gordon Giltrap, and a keen guitarist, Billy Hawkins was eager to get a Vintage VE2000GG signature model for his own use and to bring another dimension to his concerts.

“Even though it looks large, it is in fact quite small bodied due to the slim waist and it’s lovely to hold. It balances perfectly. As for the sound, the treble is stunning” said Billy. “The on board tuner is really easy to use and great when playing live as I don’t have to peer down to a tuner pedal on to the floor anymore. The build quality is superb, you’d think it was a luthiers guitar. All in all, a lot of guitar for the money.”

Having released two CD’s independently, the group recently signed a record deal with Universal Music, recording their new album at St Kew Parish Church, Cornwall. They have also been nominated for the best groups category at the 2011 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Vintage Gordon Giltrap Signature Guitar VE2000GG
Vintage Paul Brett Signature Guitar VE8000PB
Vintage Paul Brett Signature 12-String Guitar VE8000PB-12