Carrie Martin


Carrie first picked up a guitar at the tender age of five. After being shown the basics by her dad, she then joined a guitar club at school, and began to write her own songs in her teens, appearing on Radio Humberside a couple of times at the age of 14.

For a short time, Carrie put the guitar aside, concentrating on singing with various local rock bands and belting out various ’80s and ’90s hits, before taking a break from music to concentrate on having a family.

A chance meeting with her ex-tutor, Garry Burnett, a couple of years ago rekindled Carrie’s passion for the guitar , and Garry persuaded her to play again. Carrie booked lessons with renowned tutor John Shepherd, who polished up her playing, and she began frequenting local folk clubs — her favourite haunt being Bayfolk in Ye Dolphin at Robin Hood’s Bay.

Garry introduced Carrie to acoustic legend Gordon Giltrap, who gave Carrie the lowdown on his Vintage signature guitars, as hers was not cutting the mustard! After trying a Vintage VE2000GG, she was hooked.

«I love this guitar’s vibrant springy tones and its amazing sound when amplified!» says Carrie. «It sounded amazing in the studio and gained admiration from the studio technician. I often get asked by guitarists as to its origin, and get questions like ‘was that custom made for you?’ ‘I bet that cost you a fortune!’ and ‘what make is that guitar and can I have a go?’. What I love the most is their shock at its affordability! I am proud that it stands tall against other guitars with a higher price tag — it’s my little gem and we have become a great team!»

Carrie’s main musical influence is Eva Cassidy: «I love her passing notes and her ability to make a song her own,» she says, although she also has a passion for all music, be it heavy rock, folk, blues…

A 7 track CD, ‘LUNA’ is available, every song is a reference to someone she knows or something that has touched her life. «I love lyrics that could have different meanings for others, and I am currently working on new material for a new cd ,hopefully for next summer. I have already written one track called ‘Jack’, about a little boy with autism. I am hoping to use it to help his mum raise money for his school»

With more support slots and festival appearances due for 2014, Carrie’s future looks very bright indeed!

Vintage VE2000GG