‘Quality guitars delivering great tone time and time again. Sustain, bite and playability are in abundance! Thank you Vintage’

Hiding in the depths of the welsh towns, hard hitting drums and ear pounding guitars ring out to let the good people know that rock is far from dead! Raised on a diet of classic rock and southern flair, Defy All Reason bring heavy riffs, melodic story telling and good ole fashioned rock ‘n’ roll to the ears of the astute music fan!

The 4 piece welsh rock outfit were born to perform and certainly leave their blood sweat and tears on the stage, reminding the crowd of one thing – Defy All Reason are here to stay! Starting out as a band back in the winter of 2011, with high hopes and big dreams Defy All Reason believe that now is the time to show the musical world what welsh rock has to offer! With catchy, foot stomping riffs and drawing on real life experiences the band definitely draws in the attention of their fans who can relate to each and every word. The bands debut e.p ‘Every Second Counts’ was released in early 2013 and it is hoped that their power and passion for delivering true music will ultimately help them reach their end goal.

New material, a die hard attitude, hard working mentality and a fresh outlook means only one thing is certain… you’ll never forget where you were the day you saw Defy All Reason! Are you ready………?

Vintage® Reissued Series V100
Vintage® Reissued Series V100AFD ‘Paradise’