Dirk Scherer

Dirk got his very first guitar after ennerving his parents on a trip to Spain, the only country where guitars children-size were produced; I was 3 years old and could not play my brother’s ‘real’ guitar.

After attending the local county’s music-school, I got taught by Tom Lindsay, a USAmerican Citizen who not only taught me how to play for real but who also taught me how to converse in English…

My first bands at that time (‘The Hall of Souls’, ‘Tower Ravens’) included some darker and sometimes harder rock (all along and accompanied by a drum-machine and a bass-player with me on guitar AND vocals) and resulted in Demo-Tapes and even CD-productions. During that time, I studied Music (especially theory of harmony) and German Literature. That was the time that I practised the most – hours on hours every day. Years later, I attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to round up my education in music.

Right now, I am playing with Laura Maas (‘Voice of Germany’) in a Blues-Band, with Jott Fürwitt (‘Zeichen der Zeit’, ‘Allee der Kosmonauten’) in a German Rockband and work in the studio with 2 other artists (Singer-Songwriter and Modern(!) Christian Country) as well, with the band „GooGs“ (Jott Fürwitt) being the main focus. We released our 4th CD (‘Die Hitz’), which is my first with this band and we’re targeting bigger German audiences.

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