Governor’s Luck

Governor’s Luck are a four piece British Indie band from Essex. Combining the vox of Jack Horscraft, the fingering of Manny Martinez, the bashing of Ben Daniels and the strumming of George Horscraft. Renowned for their original sound, energetic live performance and tireless work style.

Formed in January 2011, introducing themselves to the local music scene with well selected, few but fascinating, gigs within the Essex and London area.

Independently releasing demos throughout 2011 gained the Governor’s widespread attention from music industry moguls and highly credited producers. Governor’s Luck are currently working on their debut release, ready to take the world by storm.

«It’s about time we showed up» — Governor’s Luck

«Show some love for Governor’s Luck — a new four piece band from Essex with a superb collection of indie rock dazzlers.» Hayley Taylor — KissFM

«Seriously impressive band on their way to achieving great success» Danny Hiles — CriminalChaos Promotions

«A f*cking great band, seriously, no jazz» Matt Jones — Dedicated Fan

«The first thing I noticed when I picked up the V4 is how lightweight the Bass is but believe me, this Bass sounds so much heavier than it actually is. I felt completely fooled by Vintage when I plugged it in and got this deep rumble through the Poplar body, I was very pleasantly surprised. The Wilkinson Split Coil Pickups carry that classic “Precision” sound really well and having Pickups that are so responsive make sculpting the tone I’m after really simple. Opening up the tone pot I get a bright, firework crackle to my sound that gives me that little bit more presence in the mix. Rolling it back gives me a chubby, more wooden texture that sits and fills that low end gap. What I’ve really fallen in love with is the neck. It’s such an important part of the Guitar to get 100% right and Vintage nailed it. Perfect size and shape, the Maple neck is thin enough so I don’t have to claw around it to reach the fingerboard but also thick enough for it to rest comfortably in my palm. Because the neck is so well constructed, it actually balances out the rest of the instrument and that’s why I love playing the V4; Whether I’m seated or standing, I’m not constantly adjusting the Guitar in my lap or on my shoulder, I always have a comfortable play and that’s how I know I’m getting the most out of my ability. The V4 is a solid, well-crafted machine with smooth playability and a hot punchy tone. Pick one up but you will not want to put it down, nice work Vintage!»

Vintage V4 ReIssues Bass