Graham Oliver


The first thing Kirk Hammett said to me the last time I saw him was: «Have you still got the white guitars I saw you play in San Francisco in ’81? They were so cool!» Over the last 30-odd years they’ve also been admired by guys like Randy Rhoads, Michael and Rudolf Schenker, K.K. Downing and Dimebag Darrell, to name but a few.

They not only have to play good, but look good too, and when my Vintage signatures came and I played ’em I couldn’t believe I was not playing my originals!

My Vintage signature guitars not only look good, they play amazing and sound fantastic! But the best thing is that they’re unlike other signature guitars and in a price range that makes ’em totally affordable for everyone.

Vintage – VS6GO
Vintage – VR2001BMS
Vintage – AV6PLB