Nath Digman


“Sharing the stage with this monster of a guitar is truly a pleasure! It caters for my every need, is capable of creating a huge variety of outstanding tones and puts up with my rigorous onstage routine. All this combined with looks that’d kill is why you’ll rarely see me using anything else».

Nath’s solid riffing is the foundation that Hell’s Gazelles is built on. His heavy hitting, 70’s-esque style is fundamental to the band’s sound, combining Classic Rock and Metal elements with a modern attitude to song writing.

From a young age he became extremely driven and passionate about music, which led to the formation of Hell’s Gazelles in 2011. Since then the band has acted as a headline and support act at many local venues, as well as playing many local festivals. In June 2012 the bands demo reached the ears of Radio Caroline’s Peter Anthony, who has been plugging the band ever since. With their debut E.P. soon to be released, this young bunch of determined and focussed musicians are ready to take the world by storm!

Vintage V100AFD ‘Paradise’