James Browne and Anthony Henderson


Adam, Anthony, Clark & James blend toegther various aspects of individual inspiration to create a sound which may not be totally different to what is out there but it definitely has its place in the current Rock & Roll Climate. ‘The Talk’ Magazine said «…the diversity of sounds has me wondering if there’ll be some hillbilly folk next, but no, more excellent quality rock with fantastic riffs, exciting mood changes and much more showmanship…», this sums up just how the boys want their music to shape up.

Guitarist James Browne (no relation) who plumped for the Vintage Advance AV6PLB says «The only reason I take another guitar on stage now is in case I break a string…and I haven’t done that yet!» whilst bassist Anthony Henderson says of his V1004DX «Vintage conjured up images of beaten up guitars in music practice rooms when I was a kid, but this beast has changed my view entirely! I love my Vintage!

The band has gone from strength to strength, most recently they romped through the ‘Making It 2008’ competition and won themselves the top spot which sealed them a place on the music stage at the Big in Falkirk festival. They are hoping the ground work has been laid to keep busy with some gigs around the country.

One of the most notable dates in the HG calendar however was a recent support slot for Captain on their UK tour which opened up another avenue of support from locals and outsiders alike!

They now have some fresh recording coming up with a view to releasing their first single from it in the summer. And how do the band feel about equipment thieves these days? James says of his beloved all-valve 36 Coupe «Someone stole my last amp, I got over it. If someone steals my Kustom — there’s a dead man walking!»

Vintage AV6PLB
Vintage V1004DX