Jason Callear

Musician and Song Writer

Jason started playing records at just 2 yrs of age and finally picked up a guitar in 1978 at the age of 6. No sooner had he learned to play, he started writing and became obsessed with forming bands very quickly. His first band in Modem in 1981 consisted of guys in the street with mediocre and improvised instruments. Eventually by 1987, now a quite accomplished Guitar player, formed his first real garage band Millennium. During this period though, he became increasingly obsessed with the drums and used all his spare and High School time practicing.

Leaving School and into college he remained solely on guitar until 1989 when he joined an established Ashbourne original / covers band Bad Reputation as a vocalist / rhythm guitarist. The guitar was soon dropped though in favour of concentrating solely on the vocals. Many gigs and a couple of years later, including Buxton Opera House twice, Jason’s voice improved immensely from this much needed experience. Still a closet drummer he was asked to join other local original / covers acts on drums for the first time aged 19-23. In 1994 Jason joined Punk/Grunge act Totaly Obscene (deliberately spelt wrong) of which he penned 75%+ of the songs, pressed a self titled CD and toured the UK playing Bradford RIO’s and London’s ‘Mean Fiddler’ At this time Jason also devoted a lot of time teaching and helping young local musicians to form bands.

It quickly became clear that he was a seriously capable drummer. Jason spent the next 8 yrs knuckling down on the club cover band circuits with local band Biglix.

In 2001 he was selected from a group of midlands based musicians to back up Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper to play 2 UK tours through 2002 and a show at the ‘Whiskey a Go Go’ on LA’s Sunset Strip. The band continued as an original act Sadness Kills The Superman for another year until Jason became ill in 2003. After a couple of years recuperation, Jason stepped back out on guitar for the first time in 15 yrs in Pearl Jam Tribute, Rear-view Mirror reverting back to the kit after the drummer departed. From 2006 to 2008 Jason was largely inactive from the live scene but had been writing at home. So in 2008 Jason recorded his first real solo project ‘Four Long Days’, a mix of covers and original tracks and netted a slot at WhatFest in Northwich. This rekindled his enthusiasm and followed up with another 4 tracks, imaginatively entitled ‘Four More Days’ the following year.

2011 saw him return to the scene as Drummer for Guns n Roses tribute whilst writing and recording 4 more songs for a new EP. Unfortunately in the same year his wife become ill this time and dropped all projects until she recovered.

Jason was introduced to Assorted Records by former pupil, fellow musician and Inspire Music Producer Matt Bishop of Honey Rider.

By September 2012, the EP ‘XXXIX’ (Thirty Nine) was finally complete and released.

Jason decided to donate all proceeds from the EP to Cancer Research.

Jason hopes to push himself now as a veritable solo artist in the Alternative / Acoustic Genre.

Jason is now looking for a band to go out live as part of that promotion. The 2008/9 recordings will be available shortly Jason was praised for his LA performance by Alice Cooper’s original drummer and creator of the parts, Neal Smith. SR: “Do you wish you could get onstage with Alice again and show the young guns how it is really done?” NS: “Whenever I’m on stage, whether it’s with Michael, Dennis, Alice or whoever, I’m always going to give a 200% Neal Smith performance for the fans. Regarding the young guns, in recent years there has been two, and only two drummers that I’ve heard authentically play my drum parts, that even begin to understand the essence of our original music. One drummer Jason Callear was in Michael Bruce’s English band and the other drummer is Tommy Clufetos in Alice’s newest band. The quintessential song from all of our Alice Cooper gold and platinum records is «Halo of Flies.’ No drummer has ever nailed that song 100%, but Michael’s English drummer Jason Callear was the best I’ve ever heard. He played it so precise that I could even hear the scratches on the record. And Tommy Clufetos comes in a very close second with his performance” .


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