Jennifer Maidman


Jennifer is a singer, musician, songwriter, producer and occasional actress, based in the UK. Specialising in guitar and bass but also play keyboards, drums and percussion, Jennifer has been very fortunate thoughout her life to have worked with some amazing people and been part of some very rewarding projects including including Joan Armatrading, Gerry Rafferty, David Sylvian, The Proclaimers, Shakespears Sister, Paul Brady, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morisson, Sam Brown and Boy George.

Jennifer also co-wrote several songs with Boy George including «No Clause 28» and has also written for other artists including Sam Brown.

“I’m absolutely knocked out with my new Vintage basses. The necks on these instruments are superb, really a joy to play, and they sound great too. The Wilkinson pickups are a revelation. In fact I’ve been playing some big festivals around Europe with the Murray Head Band and people have commented on the extra presence and depth the Vintage basses have compared to what I was using before. My style is very dynamic, sometimes very soft and melodic but also occasionally I do get into some very aggressive funky slapping stuff. The EJM96 really responds to everything and handles the extremes effortlessly. The VJ96 Icon fretless is also very special I think. I’ve not had a ‘relic-ed’ bass before, but I really like the worn finish on this. In fact I thought it still looked a bit too new, so I’ve added a bit of extra ‘wear and tear’ myself! I did meet Jaco Pastorius briefly many years ago and had a look at the bass on which the Icon is modelled. Vintage really have caught the spirit of Jaco’s bass I think, not just the look, but the sound too. The Icon does that Weather Report ‘growl’ thing beautifully, but it’s also versatile enough to use for more conventional stuff and even works well for slapping. I know everyone says this, but I honestly don’t know how they do it for the money! I’ll be using both basses for a live recording for the BBC in October with Paul Brady, the Irish singer songwriter. We’re using a full orchestra for that one so the extra depth and definition will really come in useful ”.

Vintage EJ96BK