Kerry Marx

Nashville Session Ace

«… I love my V52. It sounds and feels as good as some of my guitars that cost much, much more. It’s become one of my favorites!…”

Kerry Marx is a guitarist, living presently in Nashville, Tennessee.

His foremost endeavor is recording for artists, jingles, and TV, although he does a variety of live TV and stage work also. He plays on the Grand Ole Opry every week as a member of the Opry staff band, performing with an average of 10-15 artists per week. If you check his bio at , you’ll get an idea of who some of these artists are.

Kerry was born in Shelby, North Carolina on January 26th, 1954 and grew up in Aiken, South Carolina. Playing bass and guitar in bands as a teenager, he studied music at the University of South Carolina. After deciding to concentrate on guitar, he attended North Texas State University in Denton, Texas with a concentration in jazz guitar, before moving to Nashville in 1981.

In these last 29 years, Kerry has played a variety of jazz, pop, rock, and country music in the Nashville recording scene, as well as traveling to other cities to do the same. For the last 7 years, Kerry has been dividing his time between these more traditional methods of recording and recording at his state-of-the-art home studio. There he has done work for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Disney, CMT, and the Dick Clark company, as well as countless jingles and record projects.

Vintage ICON V52MRBS