Mark Simpson


“I have been searching for ‘my sound’ for years. My V6’s and V100’s with Trevor Wilkinson’s pick ups and hardware have gotten me as close as I can ever hope to get without a million pounds worth of guitars built in 1960!”

Mark Simpson has been playing guitar since the age of eight, when his uncle brought him his first battered acoustic guitar. Over the years Mark has played in or formed several bands in London and the South East with varying success. Since founding Shameful Behaviour in 2006, Mark has not looked back. With a predominantly heavy rock style Mark is also an accomplished blues guitarist. Taking inspiration early on from The Stones, Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton before discovering Richie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes and many more.

Mark has been longing for an Icon V100 Lemon Drop since Vintage first launched them, Now he has one it has immediately become his main stage guitar, helping deliver his blistering heavy Rock and Blues Rock tones. Mark Also Regularly sports a Firenza red Icon V6, with a white strap in tribute to the late Gary Moore, an Icon V6 HMRC, which is just blistering, and a VS6 for a change from the V100. You can see Mark in Shameful Behaviour live across the UK and Europe in 2014 and a new album is expected sometime later in the year also.

“Geoff Whitehorn turned me onto the V100 Lemon Drop when he showed me his one over a cup of tea. I had to get one it was so good!”

Vintage ICON Sereis V100MRPGM
Vintage ICON Series V6HMRSB
Vintage ICON Series V6MRFR
Vintage Reissued Series V6