Danny Willson


With millions of album sales and concert attendances worldwide, Wishbone Ash’s heritage as one of the most enduring and best loved British rock acts is assured, while the band’s innovative twin-guitar hallmark has influenced numerous successful rock acts over the years. Fronted by the founding member, lead vocalist and key creative force of the original Wishbone Ash, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash remains faithful to the original Wishbone Ash blueprint and, during its live concerts, performs a wide variety of material from the band’s classic album releases.

Danny tells the journey to find his perfect guitar… ‘Back in January we were off to Greece for a week’s worth of gigs. There was gonna be a lot of travelling and the thought of having to drag my Les Paul® or 335® around was giving me backache before we’d even set out! So, having always fancied a Fender® Thinline Tele® I visited the local music shops with a view to picking one up. Bugger, I was out of luck, there were no Thinlines around. However, in one shop the AV2H caught my eye. I was drawn by its classy looks, and the fact that it was a T-type shaped semi with humbuckers meant I HAD to plug it in & give it a whirl. Well, it felt «right» as soon as I picked it up, but I wasn’t prepared for how good it sounded! Marvellous! And that roll knob!! Brilliantly versatile. So I bought it, and here’s where things get really silly……..for a bargainous £249!

Since January I’ve played that guitar thru loads of different amps, (you never know what you might get in Germany, Poland etc!) Fenders, Boogies, Marshalls, Engl, Koch, to name a few, and its always delivered. From clean jangle thru spanky blues to controlled feedback, (all required in Wishbone Ash!), it does it all, and it’s far more versatile than my Les Paul®.

The only downside is that it takes me longer to get away from gigs nowadays as there’s always a few fans hanging around at the end wanting to know what the hell guitar I’m playing!! Sound engineers too…..lotsa nice comments.

Vintage AV2H