Matt Worthington

«It’s a fantastic instrument. Looks cool, plays beautifully (great sunburst finish). It’s very versatile and is just at home strumming chords in a folk song as it is shredding through a rock solo. The pick up and electrics have been 100% reliable so far and have an excellent sound. Having used the Vintage uke I don’t bother gigging with any of my others now, as I’m so comfortable with the Vintage model»

Matt is a life long music lover with a wealth of experience in the music industry and has worked as a professional musician, songwriter, roadie, PA technician and as a ‘polisher and tuner’ in a music shop!

A multi-instrumentalis, Matt can play most things but admits his strengths lie in bass guitar, ukulele, harmonica, mandolin and tuned percussion. I am fan and collector of unusual instruments (check out the tabor pipe, iUke, electric kazoo and the chalumeau!).

Matt holds a number of qualifications in music performance and theory, including ABRSM grade exams (trumpet, tuba, percussion, music theory), Thames Valley University diplomas (bass guitar, guitar) and Trinity College of Music (recorder), and is also a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors for bass guitar performance and theory.

Matt has been fortunate enough to work alongside many excellent artists and bands across all styles and genres, not least my current band ‘Flashback Photograph’. Some of my best experiences have been playing live sessions for radio (including BBC Radio 1), coverage in national publications (including The Sun newspaper and NME magazine) and playing at local festivals (Willow Festival, Festival Too, Levity Festival). My first solo demo is due for release in summer 2013, so please listen out for this!

Vintage Electric Ukulele VUKE1