Dylan Webster


«Since receiving my Vintage VRS100C I have rarely put it down!

The neck is fantastic and as a guitar it is truly a joy to play. Not only that, but when it’s put through an amp, this guitar really shines, it’s clear, crisp and really cuts through, it’s a great rock/metal guitar as well as being versatile at the same time giving me the ability to navigate through many styles if I feel the need to. I am very happy to be representing the Vintage brand for the foreseeable future while playing with Mercury Underground and more!»

D.R Webster is a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. Currently he is the the lead singer, guitarist and sole songwriter for the Los Angeles Music Award, Scottish New Music Award and Download Music Award nominated modern rock band, Mercury Underground. Mercury Underground are currently promoting their debut EP and will be playing throughout 2013 including a slot at Les Fest II in June. Over the years he has performed alongside such artists as Adrenaline Mob, Voodoo Six, Gun, The Sword, Sick Puppies, Simon McBride and Attica Rage already so early in his career with Mercury Underground in addition to playing in places like London at Camden Underworld and at the MEI Festival in Italy. In addition to having a heavy focus on Mercury Underground for 2013, D.R is currently developing many other projects outside of the band, most recently working with Billy Sherwood (ex-Yes) on a new composition and D.R is hoping to follow these experiences up by writing with and for more established artists in various genres.

Another important upcoming project in the works include a Tommy Bolin Tribute headed up by D.R which will include himself and past collaborators of Tommy Bolin performing a cover of one of Tommy biggest songs and all proceeds will go to the Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund, as well as several movie soundtrack opportunities which follows up recent licensing work with Mercury Underground which has included working with wXw Wrestling, Big Japan Wrestling and Pro Wrestling EVO, Knockhill Racing as part of their BSB Event and work for the webseries Danny Statham, with many more opportunities to follow in 2013.

Vintage VRS100C