Neil Taylor

Robbie Williams/ Natalie Imbruglia

«My Vintage V52 is one of the best electric guitars I’ve played, and I can’t put it down — a friend of mine had one, and after I had a quick play on it I just knew I had to get one!»

Neil grew up in Bristol (UK). As a teenager he played in local bands before joining Neon featuring Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Pete Byrne (Naked Eyes) and Rob Fisher (Climie/Fisher ). He later formed Violent Blue with bassist Charlie Jones (Page/Plant) releasing a single and album with Magnet records.

During this period Neil played guitar with Tears For Fears on the album «Songs From The Big Chair» including the famous one take guitar solo on «Everybody Wants To Rule The World». Neil’s involvement with Tears continued and he played on two world tours and the band’s third album «Seeds Of Love».

During his career he has recorded and toured with: Natalie Imbruglia/Peter Gabriel/Rod Stewart/Morrissey/Tina Turner/The Pretenders/Van Morrison/Holly Johnson/Paul Young/Climie Fisher etc.

In 2001 Neil played on Robbie Williams album: “Sing When You´re Winning” and Natalie Imbruglia’s «White Lillies Island». After finishing touring with Natalie, Neil played guitar on Robbie Williams album “Escapology” where he was asked to join Rob’s band! He has been with him ever since, promoting Rob’s album «Reality Killed The Radio Star».

Neil also has been recently writing with «Lisa Marie Presley’ and trying to finish his own album which has been in the making on and off for the past 3 years…

Vintage ICON V52MRBS