Nikki Loy

Singer & Songwriter

Nikki Loy, an Oxford based recording artist and songwriter with a voice that will leave you with goose-bumps, was born and raised in Devon, she studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts before dedicating herself to her growing career as a singer and songwriter. As well as working as a professional entertainer and session vocalist, often guesting on other artists recordings, Nikki has also co-written for a well known Saatchi and Saatchi Ad campaign and the video for her song ‘Can I Keep You?’ has recently been chosen by the BBC to be part of their Music Video Festival screening on big HD screens in major cities across the nation, and it also reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Competition. She is now back in the studio writing and recording again for her next album, which will be released in 2012.

«I chose my Vintage guitar because it was an award-winning guitar in its price range and it came highly recommended by my guitar teacher who knows a lot about guitars!

I was looking for quality craftsmanship and quality sound at a good price. But most importantly I chose it because I fitted me.

I used to have a dreadnaught… but it was just too big for me, I could barely get my arms around it. My Vintage V300 which I have affectionately named Gracie (Oh come on?! Who doesn’t name their guitar??) and I are the perfect fit. When you get a guitar that fits you, it’s suddenly so much easier to play well.

When I am gigging people often comment on my guitar, they like the size and they like the sound.. I’m quick to tell them they will like the price too! :0)» – Nikki

Vintage V300