Oli Smith


When we re-formed Blacken the Name in 2011, I had completed disassociated myself with “all things bass”. There were no guitars or basses in my possession so I ended up playing a string of broken/borrowed instruments for some time. As the band progressed and started playing more shows, I realised the time had come to equip myself with something more permanent.

After scouring the internet and local music stores, it seemed the quality of instrument I wanted was way outside of my budget….. Until I test-played a Vintage V940.

The playability, tone and quality of this instrument rivals basses costing twice as much. It has served me so well over the last couple of years, that I still smile when I consider the bargain price I paid for it.

The V940 is a beautiful instrument. Its bubinga finish looks great in any light and the bass is surprisingly robust, having been knocked against speaker cabinets and, on occasion, spectators, it still shows no signs of damage.

The bass is also particularly comfortable to wear. I’m a small guy, (5’4) and the bass seems like it was designed for the smaller player. This is emphasised further by the extremely low weight. It holds low tunings exceptionally well for such a small instrument. We play in “drop B” and it doesn’t rattle or de-tune even after the most enthusiastic of shows.

I’m extremely proud to play Vintage. I don’t think you can find this quality for the same bargain prices anywhere else!