Bryn Tracey


Revolter are a four piece rock/metal band from Blackburn who formed in December 2008. Born out of frustration at the current musical climate the four members wanted to write songs that were based around heavy riffs but incorporated melodic and tuneful vocals and harmonies.

Generating interest among Roadrunner Records A&R staff through the website, they hand-picked the demo track «Chains» and used it on their main page to promote Revolter as a «Featured Artist». Featured artist on the website usually appear for just a maximum of 24 hours and are constantly changing. The band stayed up on the website as a «Featured Artist» for a whole week, which as yet is a feat that has never been achieved by any other band.

Revolter have also featured and are still played on BBC Radio Lancashire with the demo track «So Far Down» and 17 Days from the bands 2010 EP Desire For Truth. Revolter saw «So Far Down» peak at Number 1 in the unsigned charts back in May09. The band have also been coveted on many internet Radio Stations as well as FM radio stations all across the globe including Asia and Africa.

Revolter also boast Alter Bridge lead man Myles Kennedy as a fan of the band. Myles contacted Bryn after hearing the demo tracks on myspace to say how good a band he thought Revolter were and that he liked the heavy riffage and the vocal melodies that Revolter implement in all of their songs.

They rounded off a successful and prominent 2009 by signing a booking contract with Live Promotions Booking agency who have 3 offices across Europe.

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