Ronan Kavanagh

Bucket & Co.

«I’ve been using my Vintage VEC350 Folk series now for around 3 years, It’s a fantastic guitar both live and in the studio, and It’s always my first choice for gigs»

Ronan started his career with Irish rock band Mr Nice Guy back in the nineties before moving to London to work with producer and songwriter Andy Wright. Together they have written for a lot of other artists, some of the bigger hits are ‘Sitting Pretty’ for Shannon Noll, ‘Here I am’ for 183 Club and Denise Pearson is just about to release ‘Find my way’ which he wrote with Andy and Ryan Farmery. Ronan and Andy have written a 10 track album called ‘Rescue Me’ which will be released towards the end of 2013 on iTunes. Ronan has been lucky enough to sing with some of the most famous artists in the world such as Jeff Beck and Brian May, and has toured Europe supporting Simply Red and is currently working with Dave (BUCKET) Colwell in ‘Bucket & Co’ and a new record is in the pipeline.

«I am lucky enough to have the HK Audio Elements system. This sound has to be heard to be believed from such a compact and light bit of kit. It is extremely robust and simple to set up — in short I love it!!»

Vintage VEC350