Silas’ sound is a fusion of genres; an innovative blend of earth-shatterring riffery, unusual jazzy hooks, otherworldly guitar solos and sensitive melody,containing a vast array of influences and a progressive edge which makes every track different from the last. You will hear jazz, reggae, blues, funk and more, all fused together seamlessly by a destinctive rock and metal crunch — Silas sound like nothing and no one else you’ve heard.

Having recently performed two sets at Bloodstock Open Air festival 2010 (one acoustically) and received airplay on Bruce Dickinson’s Friday night Rock Show, Silas are working their way up the ranks of rock and metal’s finest. Based in Bromley, South East London and together for just over 2 years now, they quickly achieved local recognition as the premier band to see live, with their critically acclaimed 6 track EP ‘To The Ground’, released in November 2009, highly sought after by both gig-goers and fellow musicians alike.

Silas have BIG plans for 2011, including a brand new EP which is currently being written and of course, gigs all over the country. As always, sights are firmly set not only on conquering the UK but the rest of the world!! Keep you eyes and ears peeled for more….

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