Bobby Grant


British Blues Rockers «Snakewater» are a power trio hailing from Manchester and what you get is a classic valve driven back line driven with all elements of Rock & Roll. Influences range from Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, and Peter Green to Led Zeppelin, Cream and Free. Basically, that Old School of British Rock persuasion of the blues!

The sound that emerges from the trio after they’ve settled behind their instruments is not the one you would imagine emerging on first sight — the wall of solid blues that they throw out is quite startling. Snakewater have great potential to make a real name for themselves and are just waiting for their opportunity to break through and take a shot at the mainstream European Blues scene.

Their debut album ‘A NEW BREED’, produced by Grammy Award nominee “Chris Tsangarides”, has been signed to “Dark Lord Records” / Sony AVT Publishing.

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