Thomas Blug


Many may have seen him, but even more will have heard him. The sympathetic German is a sought after cat in the German and international music scene for quite some years. 1997 he was awarded «best german Rock-Pop guitarist, in 2004, the 50th birthday of the Stratocaster, as the final winner of an europewide competition he was called «Stratking of Europe».

He is resposible for some jingles (f.e. the top german sports show «Das Aktuelle Sportstudio» (ZDF), film- and serial-stoundtracks (see «Die Oase» (The oasis), a big city eco-thriller, «Hart an der Grenze» (On the edge), both by SR/ARD).

He as well played with international greats like Percy Sledge, Bobby Kimball or Hazel O’ Connor, German acts like Purple Schulz, actor/singer Uwe Ochsenknecht, the Rainbirds, Bastiaan Ragas, Pop newcomers like No Angels, Planet Claire or Germany’s No.1 female rappers Tic, Tac, Toe. On their sucessful tours Thomas had the possibility to play his guitar to a younger but surprisingly enthusiastic audience.

Vintage V6MRTBG
Vintage V6MRHDX