Tom Killner

The Tom Killner Band

The Tom Killner band, formed in febuary 2012 mixing Blues, Funk, Soul giving the band it’s unique sound, giving old style music a modern feel.

«There are times when a young talent comes along and makes an audience stop and consider what they are watching» (bloozpromoz)

«this young man has in his short had both great gigging experiance and the plaudits to match from those gigs, having played at Colne headlined gigs in Leeds Sheffield, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire,and the North East» (Sunday gathering promoter)

«This young man possesses a feel for the guitar, with a voice far beyond his years» (the hop Leeds)

«soulfull blues guitar mixed with rocking funk, and a voice which has a resonance much deeper than his his experiance» (the taproom sessions).

Vintage ICON ‘Lemon Drop’ – V100MRPGM